Gazebo, pavilion or just something luxurious?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nature appears to become one with the Lucia Glass Pavilion – enjoy the surrounding wilderness, whatever the weather.

The Lucia Glass Pavilion is perfectly suited as a fixture on a roof terrace of an apartment building in an urban environment, a sensual gazebo in the garden of a detached or terraced house, or a place providing added value to yards in rural areas, serving as a hub for spending time together and enjoying moments with friends and family. With its modern and simple style, the Lucia Glass Pavilion also fits a traditional building environment. The Lucia Glass Pavilion extends the length of summer in both spring and autumn. It is also suitable for use during winters. Manufactured of robust steel and safety glass, the Lucia Glass Pavilion can easily weather Finland’s harsh natural conditions and snow pressure during winters. Getting a pavilion of your own is easy. Just select your preferences and we will deliver a durable, high-quality pavilion ready for use to the location of your choice.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you!

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