Gazebo, pavilion or just something luxurious?

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The Kallon Valo seaside café is located in the Kallo area of the Mäntyluoto islet, Pori, Finland. The café built on a rocky seashore is an idyllic place to visit loved by both locals and tourists alike. In addition to its seaside view, Kallon Valo is known for its freshly baked sugared doughnuts.

The barren nature of Kallo and the waves crashing on the rocks create a unique archipelago atmosphere in the café's surroundings. As wind from the sea is often chilly, the café’s owners purchased a Lucia Glass Pavilion® to the café terrace. Entrepreneur Kari Hakala explains that keeping the seaside café open during springs and autumns would be impossible without the glass

pavilion. The pavilion provides customers with a sheltered space for sitting down while watching the seascape.

The café’s customers have warmly received the glass pavilion. “Our customers have been highly satisfied and praise the pavilion every day”, Hakala rejoices. “The visitors are in awe of what a unique experience it is to enjoy coffee and a doughnut while watching the landscape in a place protected against the wind.” The glass pavilion provides 360-degree unrestricted view to the surroundings, which makes it ideal for watching the archipelago landscape.

Overall, the pavilion has had positive effects on the café’s activities. “The Lucia Glass Pavilion has extended our sales period by months. We have been able to open the café in April and keep it open until November or even Finland’s Independence Day in early December”, says the entrepreneur. Infrared heating lamps installed in the glass pavilion allow comfortable indoor temperatures, even during chilly days in early spring and winter. “If our sales booth could also be heated, we could keep the café open throughout the year”, Hakala continues.

Even though the wind by the sea often turns into unpredictable gusts, the Lucia Glass Pavilion is unaffected by even the most extreme weather conditions. “Once, I was struggling to stand up as the wind increased to 28 metres per second, but that pavilion can withstand any wind and storm conditions”, the entrepreneur praises.

See here for more information on the features of the Lucia Glass Pavilion.

Munkkeja ja merimaisemia Lucia-Lasipaviljongissa Porissa

Munkkeja ja merimaisemia Lucia-Lasipaviljongissa Porissa

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